<p>Any situation can become wonderfull when you have the right ingredients: old friends, a selection of your favourite cheeses and a bottle of chilled Stassen Cidre Brut make for the perfect movie night. &nbsp;</p> <p>Stop a moment and wonder at the simple pleasures in life. A time to relax and unwind with close friends.</p>

7.4% vol


<p>Stassen Cidre Brut is a blend <em>enchant</em><em>&eacute;</em> of unpretentious bubbly friendship, crisp apples and aromatic pears, complemented by wonderfully elegant bubbles.</p> <p>Every sip of this pale golden cider has a crisp and fresh taste. Its smooth finish leaves you with the woody notes of your own secret garden.</p> <p>Served chilled in <em>fl</em><em>&ucirc;</em><em>tes</em> to friends, with your favorites cheeses, savoury snacks, and a side of <em>Joie de Vivre</em>.</p>


750 ml

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The Stassen Family Tree

<p> This is a 120-year-old apple tree, with deep green foliage and gnarled trunk. Will you sit down and look at it? </p> <p> Take your time, see the Joie de Vivre hiding in plain sight, be taken by these craftsmen passing on their passion to the next generation. </p> Heritage

A Stroll in Aubel

<p> Take a small <em>vall&eacute;e</em>, nesting in a corner of Belgium - ensure you take the long way to wherever you were going. Sprinkle orchards and a couple of bell towers on the country hills, Put on your walking shoes or hop on a horse if you like it spicier, Add a few friends that want to come along. </p> Trails