<p>He has been waiting for her to come, in his manor, the door open to winter and the frozen apple tree. The bounty of summer glistens under the ice and offers a warm glow of intimit&eacute; during a long winter night. <br> <br> There she comes &hellip; </p>

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<p>As the winter settles on the Vall&eacute;e d&rsquo;Aubel, the snow and ice lay their chilly blankets over the apple trees. But under the ice, the rich flavors and aromas of summer are preserved and enhanced. Winter has inspired the Stassen Cidre Glace, made in a tradition crafted over four generations. <br> <br> At the height of summer, when the Vall&eacute;e d&rsquo;Aubel is at its most lavish, the freshly pressed juice is made from carefully selected apples. The juice is then frozen for weeks. After separating the ice it is then being slowly, ever slowly, ferment&eacute; and bottled. To be savour&eacute; long after the summer is gone. <br> <br> Take the time to savor the intense aromas and flavours of summer&rsquo;s bounty captured in ice. Best served ice cold in a liqueur glass, as an ap&eacute;ritif or after-dinner drink, this rich, amber cidre will warm even the coldest winter nights.</p>

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The Stassen Family Tree

<p> This is a 120-year-old apple tree, with deep green foliage and gnarled trunk. Will you sit down and look at it? </p> <p> Take your time, see the Joie de Vivre hiding in plain sight, be taken by these craftsmen passing on their passion to the next generation. </p> Heritage

A Stroll in Aubel

<p> Take a small <em>vall&eacute;e</em>, nesting in a corner of Belgium - ensure you take the long way to wherever you were going. Sprinkle orchards and a couple of bell towers on the country hills, Put on your walking shoes or hop on a horse if you like it spicier, Add a few friends that want to come along. </p> Trails