<p class="copy"> When the heat of the day gives way to dusk, the joy of summer lingers long after sunset. The air is filled with laughter, the table laden with food, as family and friends share stories in the never-ending twilight of a midsummer night. </p>

8.2% vol

Stassen Grand Cru

<p>The joy of a midsummer evening is perfectly complemented by the sophisticated Stassen Cidre Grand Cru. A delectable treat for all <em>connaisseurs</em>.</p> <p>With its long fruity finish, delicate fresh juice of Aubel apples and elegant bubbles, the <em>exceptionel</em> Stassen Grand Cru is a sophisticated accompaniment to the finest treats. &nbsp;Fine bubbles release in your mouth with a burst of crisp apple with a long and complex finish, leaving behind the lasting memories of a summer&rsquo;s evening, <em>tr</em><em>&egrave;</em><em>s merveilleux</em>.</p> <p>Serve Stassen Grand Cru chilled in <em>fl&ucirc;tes</em> to friends with delicate treats, sweet chocolates, and a side of <em>Joie de Vivre</em>.</p>


750 ml

The Stassen Family Tree

<p> This is a 120-year-old apple tree, with deep green foliage and gnarled trunk. Will you sit down and look at it? </p> <p> Take your time, see the Joie de Vivre hiding in plain sight, be taken by these craftsmen passing on their passion to the next generation. </p> Heritage

A Stroll in Aubel

<p> Take a small <em>vall&eacute;e</em>, nesting in a corner of Belgium - ensure you take the long way to wherever you were going. Sprinkle orchards and a couple of bell towers on the country hills, Put on your walking shoes or hop on a horse if you like it spicier, Add a few friends that want to come along. </p> Trails