A Stroll in Aubel

<p>Take a long walk in the Vall&eacute;e d&rsquo;Aubel. Don&rsquo;t haste, look around and you might find a secret garden hidden in an old deserted Abbaye. Push the massive carved door and silently walk into a heavenly place where nature has reclaimed its rights. Approach the altar. Do you see the two bottles glistening softly under lights <em>c</em><em>&eacute;</em><em>lestes</em>? </p> <p>There are the Stassen Cidres d&rsquo;Abbaye, perfected by generations of monks and generously left as a gift to callers.</p>

La Vallée D'Aubel, The Secret of Garden of the Family Stassen

<p> Let us tell you a little secret: there are secret gardens, next door, where the <em>Joie de Vivre</em> reveals its wonders. And if you are willing, we will give you the key. </p> <p> Nestled in between the rolling hills of the Belgian <em>Ardennes</em>, the lush <em>Vall&eacute;e d&rsquo;Aubel</em> hides in plain sight. Here in the orchards of the <em>famille</em> Stassen, the apples grow just that little bit crispier, richer and more plentiful.</p> <p> And in amongst these plentiful orchards, since 1895 four generations of Stassen <em>cidre</em> artisans have taken the time to perfect their craft, bottling their <em>connaissance</em> into each exquisite Stassen <em>cidre</em>.&nbsp;Here, in the secret garden of the <em>Vall&eacute;e d&rsquo;Aubel</em>, life moves a little slower, the sun shines a little brighter and a sense of wonder is never far away.</p> Uncover more